Answer: FitMyLife is a personalized adaptive fitness application designed to help you meet your fitness goal.
Answer: FitMyLife uses your body's data and the latest literature found in the fields of exercise physiology and nutrition to develop a tailored program that is right for you. FitMyLife can sync with your daily fitness device such as Apple Watch gathering information about your body to understand what your specific health and fitness needs are. FitMyLife then identifies the dominant factors that will both help and hold you back from your fitness goals and builds you a structured exercise and meal program that will best help you achieve it.
Answer: Our FitMyLife team consists of registered personal trainers, coaches, dietitians, but more importantly, regular people also looking to achieve their fitness goals while helping others do the same.
Answer: FitMyLife's Free Trial allows you to try out the application for 14 days without subscribing to a program. After the trial ends, you'll be able to select a subscription plan or continue using the free version of the app for activity and calorie intake tracking.
Answer: To sign up for the free trial, download the app and start using it, the free trial will automatically begin once your program does.
Answer: To cancel your free trial, simply unsubscribe through the App Store.
Answer: FitMyLife does currently work with Apple Watches.
Answer: Only the data you agree to input such as your body's weight, height, age etc.
Answer: No, FitMyLife requires access to Healthkit on an iPhone to work.
Answer: FitMyLife creates your workouts by tailoring the type and duration of exercise to your body, fitness goal and comfort.
Answer: FitMyLife is currently not available for Android devices but is working to become available on the Google Play Store.
Answer: FitMyLife is currently compatible with the Apple Watch. FitMyLife pulls your body's data from your phone's Healthkit and uses it to formulate your personalized experience.
Answer: FitMyLife cannot be used without an internet connection.
Answer: To track a workout or meal in the past, swipe right on the dashboard screen to get to the calendar view. Select the date you wish to track and input the workout or meal's details.
Answer: To change your fitness goal, select the 'Fitness Goal' option from the settings screen. Select your new fitness goal and select 'Yes' to the question of changes that will be made.